Chakra Doodles: Healing With Color

I love color theory. I’m starting a Facebook group specifically to share chakra art. You are invited to join me!

Colors are healing by themselves. Creating art is a form of meditation, no matter your skill level.

As an example, here’s a chakra doodle I did a few months ago of all the chakras. I’ll be posting doodles for one chakra per week over the next 7 weeks, along with the others in the group. The more we post, the more we can heal together.

Click HERE to request access to the group.


  1. Dec 28-Jan 2: root chakra (red, brown, black)
  2. Jan 3-Jan 9: sacral chakra (orange)
  3. Jan 10-Jan 16: solar plexus chakra (yellow)
  4. Jan 17-Jan 23: heart chakra (green and/or pink)
  5. Jan 24-Jan 30: throat chakra (blue)
  6. Jan 31-Feb 6: third eye chakra (indigo)
  7. Feb 7-Feb 13: crown chakra (white and/or purple)

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